Senior Boy's Football Friendly vs Ballyroan NS
31st Jan 2023 3:27 pm
Well done to the senior boys football team who played vs Ballyroan NS today in the incredible new astro turf pitch in Sacred Heart. St. Aidan's came away 2-0 victors today with goals scored from: Theo O'Hanlon (4th class) and Aristote (6th class). Man of the match: Blayson Baptista (5th class).
St Aidan’s SNS
30th Jan 2023 9:05 am
Dear parents and guardians, pupils will finish today at 12.45 pm to facilitate staff training. Thank you for your support, Kind regards Tomás Hayes
Fun in the Sun
27th Jan 2023 4:10 pm
Ms Commins' class took full advantage of the sunny weather today and spent Golden Time outside playing football and creating chalk masterpieces!
27th Jan 2023 1:15 pm
In 5th class this month, we were learning about all things associated with France. Students were put into groups of 5. Groups had to research information on the country and then present it to their classmates. Thank you Ms. Hartland for making us french toast today!
27th Jan 2023 12:07 pm
Ms Somerville's 4th class having great fun today at Gymnastics!
27th Jan 2023 10:57 am
Today we had a wonderful in-person assembly. congratulations to all the students of the week! Well-done to Ms Bergin's class for having the best line this week, on the yard and while on the corridor. We also had an amazing performance from Holly Marie Dunne, from Mr Smith's 6th class and a super performance from the Choir. The best of luck to our quiz team heading off to St Marks today. Happy Friday!
Grandparents Day 2023
26th Jan 2023 2:59 pm
Thank you to all of the Grandparents who came to celebrate with us this week. We had over 100 visitors to our classrooms over the two days. Grandparents told us amazing stories and gave us insight into their school life. St Aidan's students were so proud to welcome our visitors and show off our amazing classrooms and introduce you to our terrific teachers and school staff. A very big Thank you to the choir who sang a beautiful song in the hall and to Ms Hartland and the student council for all their amazing hard work.
Money lessons in Ms Kenny's 3rd class
26th Jan 2023 8:30 am
We have been learning about money in our Maths lessons this week in 3rd class.
St Aidan's SNS: Confirmation 2023
24th Jan 2023 2:21 pm
Dear parents and guardians, Please see information regarding the Ceremony of Light in preparation for Confirmation. Parent Meeting - Monday 20th February 5pm Ceremony of Light - Tuesday 7th March at 8pm All will take place in St Aidan’s Church, Brookfield. Regards, Tomás Hayes
Grandparents Day Celebrations Wednesday and Thursday
20th Jan 2023 3:08 pm
Save the date(s) Next Wednesday January 25th and Thursday January 26th we are proud to welcome grandparents to At Aidan's SNS. Pupils will bring home invites on Monday. Please sign if you can make it We will show you to our classrooms, ask you about your school life and head back to the hall for tea and cake! Looking forward to seeing lots of Grandparents this week
School closure Friday 20th January 2023
19th Jan 2023 10:11 am
St Aidan's SNS will be closed on Friday 20th January for teacher inservice. Thank you for your cooperation.
Stay Safe Programme in St Aidan's SNS
11th Jan 2023 8:39 am
Over the next two months the children in St Aidan's SNS will be working on the Stay Safe Programme. The Stay Safe programme is a personal safety skills programme designed for use with primary school children from Junior Infants through to 6th class. The programme seeks to enhance children’s self-protective skills by participation in lessons on safe and unsafe situations, bullying, inappropriate touch, secrets, telling and stranger danger. The programme aims to give children the skills necessary to enable them to recognise and resist abuse/victimisation and teaches them that they should always tell (an adult that can help) about any situation which they find unsafe, upsetting, threatening, dangerous or abusive. Parents are invited to visit to see the content of the lessons and for any further information you may need. Under Child Protection Guidelines all schools are obliged to teach the Stay Safe programme. In the event that a parent informs the school that they wish to withdraw their child from the Stay Safe Programme, a written record of their reasons for doing is required from the parent.
Important letter from the HSE
6th Jan 2023 12:33 pm
Dear parent's & guardians, Please find attached information regarding viral infections. Thank you for your cooperation and support. Regards, Tomás Hayes
Christmas Assembly
21st Dec 2022 11:05 am
We all had a fantastic time today at our Christmas Assembly. We celebrated the students of the term, students with 100% attendance and the winners of the Christmas poem competition. Two very lucky children also won bikes in our raffle!
Making our own Gingerbread Men in 5th Class
20th Dec 2022 6:04 pm
Ms. Hartland has been really busy baking with pupils in 5th class this week. Here are some photos in Mr. Hanley's class where we designed our own gingerbread men!
December in Room 15
20th Dec 2022 2:42 pm
Lots of excitement in Ms Commins' class this month. We were busy meeting our "Big Sisters" in Loretto, performing in the 3rd class concert, creating an array of Christmas art, making Rice Crispy treats and so much more!
Christmas Movie in Ms Kenny's 3rd class
20th Dec 2022 2:35 pm
We had great fun watching a Christmas movie and eating some selection boxes.
Breakfast Rolls and Tea in 5th Class
20th Dec 2022 12:09 pm
All of 5th class had a breakfast roll and a cup of tea this morning, thanks to Ms. Hartland and Mr. Mac Suibhne who cooked for us and served us all. What a great treat to get on our last full day of school in 2022!
Christmas Carol Service
20th Dec 2022 10:00 am
It was great to see our school community coming together yesterday. Everyone sang beautifully at our Christmas Carol Service. Seeing so many parents, grandparents, and family members enjoying the festive cheer was lovely! A huge thanks to Ms Murphy, Ms Hodson, Mr Mulligan and Ms Clingan for preparing the service. Well done, all! We are wishing everyone a very HAPPY CHRISTMAS!
Christmas Colour/Jumper Day €2
19th Dec 2022 9:00 am
The Student Council are holding a Christmas Colour/Jumper fundraiser on Wednesday 21st of December to raise money for yard equipment. So please wear your Christmas Jumper or Christmas colours and bring in €2.
Green Schools Clothes Collection
14th Dec 2022 4:13 pm
Well done to all who sent in bags of clothing for our Green Schools Collection. We filled the truck today. Check back here to see how much we raised and what we will do with our profits. Thank you to Ms Bale who has helped with our collection over the last two weeks. Green Team !
Christmas Chocolate Biscuit Cake
13th Dec 2022 7:17 pm
Thank you to all the parents and guardians that came to St Aidan's for some festive baking. Thank you to their eagar helpers. Selection of those who took part and the hard work going on in our hall today
St Aidan's SNS Christmas Carol Service
13th Dec 2022 12:31 pm
St Aidan’s Church Brookfield Monday 19th December 2022 11:30am All our families are welcome to join us for a morning of prayers and songs celebrating Christmas. We hope to see you there!
Using money in 5th class Maths
9th Dec 2022 3:52 pm
In maths class this week, we were learning how to use money. We had six different shops in our class and each student pretended to be a shop keeper and a customer in those respective shops. Students had to learn how to buy a couple of items on a shopping list while also being able to work out their change.
Newsletter Reminders
7th Dec 2022 9:36 am
Our announcements spilled beyond our 2 page publication ...reminder that lots of events are happening in Dublin at this time, The library is full of Christmas events too! Also our Student Council and Green Schools committees are working hard behind the scenes ... See all their great work here! A special well done to Student Council on an amazing Cafe last week
Christmas Chocolate Biscuit Cake
5th Dec 2022 3:04 pm
Come to St Aidan's SNS Hall next Tuesday at 09:30 for some Chocolate Cake baking. We will make a chocolate biscuit cake and shape it in a Christmas round, finished with icing. Limited places available. Contact Ms Doran to book a place. Christmas cheer, tea and chats also on the menu!
3rd class Christmas Show
5th Dec 2022 2:23 pm
Christmas Wreaths
5th Dec 2022 10:34 am
We had great fun this morning making fresh Christmas Wreaths!


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About Us

St Aidan’s SNS was built in 1983 at the same time as St Brigid’s NS. Before it officially opened as a school the building was used to host bingo nights and run classes such as tae kwondo. A school for traveller children was also set up on the site. In 1984 St Aidan’s moved in with eight teachers and worked alongside the Traveller School. Eventually the two schools were merged and the now St. Aidan’s became one of the first multicultural school of its kind in Ireland. The huge mural in our school hall which was painted in 1990 by an artist and our pupils is a celebration of our school roots and what we like to do.

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Fáilte romhaibh go dtí St Aidan’s SNS.

As Principal of St Aidan’s, along with my dedicated staff, it  gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our new school website.

At St Aidan’s we welcome change.

Since our inception we have been educating and guiding the young boys and girls of our local community and beyond.We have a mural in our school hall depicting the multicultural make up of our school, of which we are very proud.We believe that we are an integral part of the local community and actively encourage our pupils to act and speak of their school with great pride.Each day we strive to make our school a friendly, welcoming space, ensuring that all who engage with our school get a true understanding of what our ethos is.At St Aidan’s we believe that all children are different and brilliant in their own unique way. We endeavour to provide as broad a schedule of activities for our pupils to give each child every opportunity to develop their own unique talents.  We expect each child to engage fully with the curriculum along with our dedicated teachers and staff who continue each day to work together with parents/guardians and build a relationship that is mutually beneficial for all members of the broad team that is your child’s education. Our goal is to ensure that each child is afforded the best opportunity to learn and grow.Our is aim is that the four years spent in St Aidan’s will be some of the best and most beneficial years of your child’s life. Each child will get to experience a broad range of sport, music, dance, drama and art both within school hours and also at an extracurricular level.  Thanks to our extremely dedicated staff, our Board of Management and our wonderful Parents’ Association, this is all possible.We constantly strive to keep the partnership between staff, parents and management open, welcoming and accepting to all. I am at all times willing to meet with parents who wish to find out more about our school.  In addition to our website, our school app further improves these collaborations. Everything about St Aidan`s SNS can now be found in on central location.The app will be updated daily/weekly and will provide up to date school information, contact details, information on school policies etc. It will also allow for regular a communication stream between parents and the school.

We hope with the introduction of this website, we can further build upon our fantastic school community.

Le meas,

Mr. Tomás Hayes


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