homework policy

St Aidans SNS.

The policy in the school is to give homework to all classes everyday except Friday.

We give homework:

  • To reinforce and consolidate work done in school.
  • To give parents an awareness of what is being taught in school and to foster a link between home and school.
  • To encourage self-reliance and develop the habit of independent study
  • To form the basis for future study.
  • To encourage parents to become actively involved in their child’s formal education.

Target Times

The time it takes to complete homework assignments will vary from class to class and from child to child.  But as a guideline the following times are regarded as average

3rd/4th Class                  30/40 minutes

5th/6th Class                  50/60 minutes


  • Turn off the television and create a suitable environment for homework.
  • Try to have a regular suitable time for homework.
  • Have all the materials needed (books, pencils, pens etc) ready, so as to avoid disruption.
  • Supervise your child’s homework.
  • Insist on tidy work.
  • Homework involves more than written work – reading, tables, study, learning etc.
  • Homework notebooks should be checked and signed.
  • If your child is constantly unable to do homework, speak to his /her teacher.
  • Parents must send a note for any work not done
  • Sometimes at the discretion of the class teacher or the principal, children are given“ homework off ” as a treat or as acknowledgment of some special occasion.
  • Please note extra homework may be given during the week or at the weekend if a child has not done homework, made a suitable effort or presented untidy work.
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